This Website has been developed to promote Josaya Bangali's Publications. My name is Jane Shakespeare and I was introduced to Josaya in February 2006 while researching the Impact that Microcredit Schemes were having on Women's Lives in Sierra Leone. Josaya is the husband of Teresa Bangali who helped me with my research and was also responsible for helping set up the Kayoma Women's Microcredit Scheme. Both Josaya and Teresa made me very welcome during my stay in Sierra Leone and during a very pleasant evening at their home I read some of Josaya's poetry he had written during the Civil War which destroyed his country and felt moved enough to want to help him publish them and made a promise to him that I would. All proceeds from the sale of Josaya's book, 'My Country is Sick' are one hundred percent Josaya's. His book was my inspiration for pursuing my ambition to be a graphic designer and was my first project. In 2012 I set myself up as a Graphic Designer. My business is Shakespeare Creative